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Home of quality construction products, tools, and expert advice. SHG Trade Solutions- duragroove, is committed to delivering an exceptional level of customer service and a wide range of building materials and tools. Quality tools, construction, and advice. That is what you get at SHG Trade Solutions- Hardware Store Devonport. With a huge selection of power tools, hand tools, and building materials for all your building needs. An experienced staff that has an in-depth knowledge you need for advice on any project. We have access to thousands of products, making us the number one Hardware Store Devonport Tasmania specialist for both tradies and serious DIYers. SHG Trade Solutions brings all the hard work to life with craft, precision, and care in our decorative exterior mouldings. Our range of Architrave mouldings provides a simple yet elegant look. Are you planning a building project? SHG Trade Solutions has the best quality of building materials & tools. Choose from a wide range of timeless designs of Architrave mouldings and more. Build a wall that everyone will admire! See the best stone cladding options at SHG Trade Solutions- Hardware Store in Devonport. Choose from the best cladding options, including Natural Stone, Infiniti Stone, & more.Get connected with SHG Trade Solutions- Hardware Store in Devonport for all your Stone Cladding requirements. Our experts are always there to amplify your projects with esthetical cladding options.Are you searching for the best options to build exterior residential walls? SHG Trade Solutions is a Hardware Store in Devonport that offers lightweight yet effective Hebel PowerPanel External Wall System. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, SHG Trade Solutions is a Davenport Hardware Store with the best quality building materials, including Hebel Powerpanel, cladding, and more. Visit SHG Trade Solutions in Devonport. We have a range of handcrafted decorative plaster cornice in traditional as well as modern contemporary styles.Plaster cornice is a great yet simple way to transform your residential or commercial ceiling. Buy the best quality Plaster cornice from SHG Trade Solutions. Entirely handmade in Australia.



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