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Best Shop to Get Lavender Infused Products

Looking for a unique and delicious bakery experience? Look no further than Lavender Cafe where you'll find the best authentic European-inspired cakes and baked goods in the Bay Area! Our CA bakehouse offers a variety of lavender-infused baked goods, as well as a lovely lavender cafe for you to enjoy. Our baked goods are crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients. And of course, they're all infused with the fragrant and relaxing scent of lavender. We have everything from lavender shortbread cookies to lavender pies and cakes.

Our Burnt Almond cake is world-famous, but we offer a wide variety of other delicious cakes, cupcakes, pies, desserts, cookies, pastries and more. We're always coming up with new seasonal and occasional items to tantalize your taste buds - so be sure to check us out next time you're in the area! Whatever your sweet tooth desires, we've got it here at Lavender Bakery.



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