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How to create a hero? or The Elements of an Image

Heroes and characters play a key role in the narrative - through their eyes we look at the world, their feelings we live, they empathize throughout the story. However, in order to create a coherent and "living" image, it is necessary to work hard on it, inventing and prescribing all of its elements.

So, what does the image of any character consist of? Two main parts - the outer appearance and the inner world. And each of these parts, write my paper for me in 3 hours in turn, consists of several interconnected elements.

Creating the appearance of the character

1. Visual Appearance.

General elements of visual appearance - color of eyes, hair and skin, height and weight, build, facial features, presence or absence of any limbs, gait - slouching or with a straight back. Additional elements - unusual shape of ears or lips, hairstyle, scars, limp, glasses, moles, beard mustache, freckles, etc.

Appearance is a sign. And write papers for money our minds are filled with stereotypes that respond to signs. Just as with the sign word "apple," we imagine the image of the fruit and its taste, so when describing a character, we associate his appearance with patterned character traits.

For example, chemistry homework help a chubby and short people immediately think of a man kindly, red-haired and green-eyed woman - a passionate and freedom-loving nature, a limp black-eyed man with a scar - definitely bandit, blue-eyed blonde - short-sighted angel. And so on.

Choosing the color of the character's eyes and hair, we are not only guided by our own ideal, but subconsciously attribute to him the features of the stereotype. And this can be played on, making the chubby "do-gooder" the main villain, and the blond angel - the demon, surprising readers with the unexpectedness of perception.

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