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What to Pay Special Attention to in Your Thesis?

To obtain admission to the defense of a Ph.D. thesis, it is important to complete the research in a timely manner and formalize it properly. In case of detection of shortcomings (during the check by the supervisor or at the pre-defense, if it is carried out), it is necessary to eliminate them and submit the finished work to the university within the strictly allotted time.

The study should be based solely on fresh and relevant data, based on verified, reliable and reasonable sources of information. It is important that the following elements are reflected in it: the relevance of the topic, novelty, purpose, tasks, object and subject, practical and theoretical value, methodological basis.

The material should be presented in a scientific style, taking into account specific (professional) terminology, coherent, logical, concise and clear. The main part of the dissertation is intended to reflect the total study of the topic from all angles, confirm all the postulates reflected in the introduction, specify the direction of the study and determine the problem, measures to solve it, and their effectiveness.

Thus, in order to obtain admission to the defense of a Ph.D. thesis, it is necessary to carry out a high-quality research, pass candidate tests and obtain an appropriate certificate, the presence of publications in scientific journals, the application of mandatory documents (diploma, review of the supervisor and organization), filling out an application at the department.

It is necessary to attach the following mandatory documents: abstract, review of the supervisor, conclusion of the organization where the study was conducted or to which the applicant was attached.

Publication requirements. The fulfillment of this criterion for a certain number of publications in various scientific publications within the chosen field of activity or topic is mandatory. You can clarify the conditions with the supervisor or at the university. Without observing this principle, admission to the defense of the dissertation will not be issued. It is important that the period of publications does not exceed 3 years ago.

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