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All newcomers to skateboarding find it extremely hard to purchase the perfect skateboard that both suits their skating style and has an affordable price. If you have time to take a look at all skateboard buying guides on the internet, you will see that determining your needs is the most important factor.

Unfortunately, getting the first skateboard is a tricky task; therefore, skaters usually need help from other riders or sellers. Otherwise, many newbies come to the review of pro skaters like what SkateAdvisors shared about the list of good beginner downhill longboards. These posts typically suggest some of the best options based on what people need.

In order to choose the greatest skateboard for downhill skating, I think you have come to the right place. In this post, I will suggest some products that are suitable for cruising and downhill skateboarding.


Since going down hills at an insane speed is super dangerous, skaters need to find a product that can maintain its balance well enough so that riders can not fall easily. Thanks to the Sector 9 ABEC 5 bearings, the board is capable of giving the smoothest ride, especially when you have to do some carvings.

Not only is this product famous for its quality but it is also well-known thanks to the attractive graphics. If you intend to buy this longboard for your kids, they will absolutely love it. However, parents may need to consider carefully before buying this skateboard due to the large wheels, sidewinder trucks, etc.


Both cruising and downhill skating require a good level of stability in order to travel over different terrains. As provided by SkateAdvisors on jotform, the most popular obstacles you will come across are bumps, woodchips, and asphalt.

For bombing steep hills, you must stick to big wheels like the 100mm wheels with very big contact patches of the MBS skateboard. Although the wheels of this product seem to be perfect, they can only put you in the middle of speed and traction due to the 78A wheels.


As recommended by many advanced players at SkateAdvisors on bitbucket, a drop-through model is a good option for newbies because it can provide good stability. In terms of this factor, the Rimable Drop-through longboard is a perfect choice.

Moreover, the deck is made of 9 layers of maple wood and the trucks are made from aluminum with a size of 7 inches. These two components make the board become sturdier than ever. Even when you use this board for commuting or bombing hills, it will always ensure stability.

On the other hand, skaters have to sacrifice the turning radius if they want to use it for downhill skating. Initially, the manufacturer made this board for cruising and carving so steep hills were not on the list.


Choosing the first skateboard can be quite challenging; however, this is the first task that every skater needs to pass if they want to become a successful skateboarder.

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